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We Explored the Maiden's Tower with Little Explorers!

With Noobuu's balance blocks, children not only enhance their design skills but also have fun!

Last month, I had the opportunity to be a guest at my daughter's preschool event, where I introduced the iconic Maiden's Tower of Istanbul to the kids. In this engaging activity, there was a printable DIY template that introduced the structure, plenty of colorful cardboard, and boundless imagination. On one side of the paper, they discovered information about who, when, and why the Maiden's Tower was built, as well as the legendary tales of the tower. On the other side, there was a cardboard puzzle-like game that resembled assembling pieces. As they began to glue the pieces that resembled puzzle parts, they truly felt like they were constructing the structure themselves. Thus, they embarked on a journey of learning and discovery while having fun. By the end of the activity, we not only explored the beauty of the Maiden's Tower together but also improved our hand-eye coordination through enjoyment.

According to the feedback I received from parents, little explorers who are eager to see the Maiden's Tower in person are eagerly awaiting that day. This is genuinely heartwarming!


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