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Custom Design Toy

Set your imagination free and let's design a custom puzzle toy together! We can create a unique, handmade wooden block puzzle that evokes a special feeling for you or captures a family legacy you'd like to pass down to future generations. To be a part of this experience, all you need to do is get in touch with us and share photos or technical drawings of the building you have in mind. Let's create something memorable together!


USA Michigan Leland custom design toy sketch

Towns filled with memories in every corner are places that echo the essence and history of life. The Fishing Village of Leland in the state of Michigan, USA, is precisely one of these exceptional places. In June 2023, we received a special design toy order that encapsulates the spirit and character of this affectionate town. Leland's fishing boats, iconic structures, and pier came to life in this unique toy.

Designed to capture the essence of Leland, the toy carries the salty breeze wafting through the peaceful streets, the wooden texture of the fishing boats, and the sense of traditional architecture.

The toy encompasses every detail of the Fishing Village of Leland, from its iconic fishing boats to its vibrant pier and distinctive buildings. Each piece has been meticulously designed and handcrafted. This gift reflects the history of Leland, the lively energy of the town, and the lifestyle intertwined with the sea.

Custom-designed toys tell not only the tale of objects but also the narrative of a place. The splendors and memories of the Fishing Village of Leland become immortalized through this special toy. With each touch, you can feel as though you're embarking on a journey to the streets and shores of that town.

This gift, found within the Custom Design Toy category, is not just a toy but a reflection of the meaningful world of Leland. This present serves as a perfect example to convey the beauty and value of immortalizing beloved places and memories to new customers.

Nuremberg toy musesum-custom design toy sketch

Since the Middle Ages, Nuremberg has been a city of toys. In the narrow streets of Nuremberg's old town and throughout the city, toy companies existed – hundreds of them! In Nuremberg, wooden toys, tin figures, doll kitchens, shops, and especially tin toys were produced. Today, Nuremberg is the hub of the world's largest International Toy Fair.

Museums that carry the enchanting world of childhood into the future are special places that freeze time and revive memories. The Nuremberg Toy Museum is one such treasure trove that opens the doors to such a magical realm where history and play intertwine. This museum, brought to life through the meticulous efforts of Prof. Karin Falkenberg and her team, hosts a captivating collection of toys, where history and play come together.

The significance and history carried by the museum come to life within a splendid building led by Prof. Karin Falkenberg and her team. The museum's unique design is not merely a structure, but also a work of art. To commemorate this special structure and capture the essence of the museum, Noobuu has crafted a custom-designed toy of the museum building for Prof. Karin Falkenberg.

This handmade toy represents a miniature version of the impressive building of the Nuremberg Toy Museum. Each detail has been meticulously crafted, every line designed with great care. This special toy stands out as a creation where design, art, and affection converge. The distinctive lines and significance of the Nuremberg Toy Museum's building will live on forever in this handmade toy. As an expression of respect for Prof. Karin Falkenberg, this toy will be preserved as a treasure for future generations.

The indispensable parts of our curious childhood now find their place in our memories and museums. One of these special treasure-filled museums is the Istanbul Toy Museum, tucked away in a unique mansion amidst the history-infused streets of Istanbul. This esteemed museum is a legacy, a story of love brought to life with significant effort and dedication by Mr. Sunay Akın and his family.

The museum not only presents the enchanting world of toys spanning from the past to the present to its visitors but also offers a unique atmosphere by being situated in Sunay Akın's family legacy mansion. This museum, in fact, represents a heritage meticulously designed with love and carefully preserved.

As Noobuu, we have crafted a handmade toy version of that special architectural structure which brings to mind Sunay Akın's Istanbul Toy Museum. This handmade toy serves as a symbol of the museum and the memories it holds. Each detail has been meticulously crafted, capturing the essence of the original structure. This gift has become a means to express our respect for Sunay Akın, the value of the museum, and our cherished childhood memories.

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