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The way to recognize iconic landmarks in-game!

Consider a toy that teaches hand coordination and balance in infancy. Then he could design new structures. Then, with the brochure in the box  in fact it tells about a building and teaches it the history of the building... We all want many objects with which our children interact to contribute to their development. Noobuu emerged with this understanding.

Our story

After meeting with COVID-19 in 2020, I had the opportunity to realize the idea of making toys, which I could not find time for, during the period when we were confined to our homes. And the site you are in now has evolved and evolved during this period. I started this journey with the name Peak Design Kids in the first place, after experiencing various difficulties, I went in search of a new name. And I decided to continue with the Noobuu brand. So how did my adventure begin? Let me tell you briefly…

It all started with a toy that I bought for my 1.5-year-old daughter… Since infancy, we were playing with building blocks of a foreign brand, which is known to contribute greatly to sensory development. And at that moment, why can't we have a healthy, ecological toy brand that symbolizes the structures of Turkey that holds many cultures together? I thought. And the concept of Noobuu began to form… The aim here was to introduce architectural structures to both our own children and our foreign guests coming to our country and to make them love historical games. The first concept started with various iconic landmarks of Istanbul, which has hosted many civilizations. The first five iconic buildings I set out for were Hagia Sophia Mosque, Dolmabahçe Palace, Topkapı Palace, Maiden's Tower and Haydarpaşa Train Station. Then, iconic city structures of different countries such as Santorini, Big Ben, Eifel and  Pisa Tower were added. Currently, Noobuu continues to reach sometimes the little ones and sometimes the adults whose child spirit has never been lost, with more than twenty construction toys.

Noobuu toys are sustainable. You can understand this from the fact that your child starts playing games such as balance or puzzles from the age of 3, and designs new buildings in later ages and learns about the building with the brochure that comes out of the box. Currently, Noobuu continues to reach sometimes the little ones and sometimes the adults whose child spirit has never been lost, with more than twenty construction toys. Our team; currently consists of my wife, who is a civil engineer in R&D and planning, and my 4.5-year-old daughter in quality control. The Noobuu brand is a female entrepreneur brand that empowers women.

Our quality policy

Every piece of our toys is handmade. All parts are carefully processed from the CNC bench to the packaging stage. The main material used is A quality solid beech wood. There may be differences between the pieces due to the color and texture of the wood.


In natural building blocks; One coat of German Clou brand Hard Wax Wood Oil is used. Thanks to this wax oil, the wood is breathable, non-slip, water and dirt repellent.  It emphasizes the natural color of the wood, its moirés and refreshes the color. Integrated hygiene protection prevents bacteria and fungi from settling. Clou Hard Wax Oil has DIN EN 71-3 Wooden Toy Safety & DIN EN 53160 Resistant to Saliva and Sweat” certificates. The antimicrobial effect is certified according to Japanese Norms (JIS Z 2801). If there is a smell of varnish when you open the package, the smell will disappear when you air it.

In painted block sets; double coat of water based EN-71-3 certified paint, followed by a single coat  Water Based Matte Odorless Wood Varnish . CLOU Water-Based Matt Odorless Wood Varnish is a light-resistant, filling, sandable, high-quality, water-thinned, fast-drying, transparent, one-component primer and topcoat varnish. Environmentally friendly, odorless, NMP and phthalate (plasticizer) free. Water Based Wood Varnish; DIN EN 71-3, Toy Safety (Suitable for children's toy varnish), DIN 53160, Part 1, Part 2 (Resistant to Saliva and Sweat), DIN 4102-B1 (Non-Combustible), DIN 68861-1B (Resistance to Chemicals) has certificates.

Elif Bakar

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