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My Experience at the IMMIB 2022 Industrial Design Competition!

Hello dear followers! Today, I want to share my exciting experience of attending the jury meeting of the IMMIB 2022 Industrial Design Competition, which marked its 18th edition this year. As "Noobuu," I've been making a name for myself, and events like these provide me with the opportunity to both enhance my skills and closely examine inspiring designs within the industry.

A few weeks ago, I was invited to join the jury panel of the IMMIB 2022 Industrial Design Competition. I was thrilled to accept as I knew that these kinds of competitions foster creative minds and innovative ideas. On the day of the meeting, I had the chance to bring along my design enthusiast friends and share this enjoyable experience.

TIM- Türkiye İhracatçılar Birliği | İstanbul
IMMIB 2022 Design Jury Members

During the meeting, we witnessed a range of impressive and imaginative designs. These projects spanned the broad spectrum of industrial design, truly showcasing the immense talent and vision within the industry. As jury members, we meticulously evaluated and scored each project, affording us the opportunity to understand the potential and creative approaches of each one.

One of the most exhilarating moments was announcing the winners after completing our jury duty. I wholeheartedly congratulate the competition winners and recipients of the mission award. Their works were truly commendable, demonstrating innovative perspectives and aesthetic sensibilities that contribute to the industry.

This experience served as a reminder of how dynamic and thrilling the world of design is. Navigating through different perspectives, colors, forms, and functions provides a magical window into how the future might shape up. Participating in the IMMIB 2022 Industrial Design Competition made me feel like I embarked not only on a competition but also on a design journey.

By participating in such creative events, you too can gain new perspectives and stay in touch with the pulse of the design world. Wishing to connect again in more events in the future!

Stay tuned, more to come!

Kind regards,

Elif Ş. Bakar


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