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Building Blocks

Wooden toys are an ideal tool for Montessori education because they are natural, healthy and environmentally friendly. In addition, with wooden toys, children have sensory experiences such as touching, feeling and exploring. These experiences increase children's participation in the learning process and make learning more enjoyable. As a brand that designs wooden toys, our aim is to help children recognize historical buildings and develop their imagination. We have designed more than 20 toys for this purpose and now we are happy to introduce our Nostalgic Vehicles series.

In this series, you will find small minimalist wooden versions of famous vehicles from the past to the present. You will find nostalgic vehicles such as the Chevrolet Bel Air, the Revolution automobile, the first automobile produced in Turkey, and the Migros Turkish vehicle, the old market cart that traveled from street to street. This series also features 8 different vehicles, including old ferries and nostalgic trams. With this series, children can learn what real-world vehicles look like, how they work and how they have changed throughout history.

These toys are not only fun, but also educational. Children can learn how vehicles from different time periods look and work. They will also develop their imagination while playing with these vehicles. With these wonderful toys you can help your children develop their imagination and knowledge of history. And remember that wooden toys are natural, healthy and durable. These toys will allow your children to play in a fun and safe way.

Product Features

- Suitable for the Montessori method

- Suitable for children over 6 years old, contains small parts

- Offers new ideas for children's games and activities

- Ecological material (non-toxic)

- Puzzle box (14x14cm h7cm); includes brochure introducing the tools (A4), cotton toy bag (20x30cm).

Nostalgic Vehicle

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