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Building Blocks

Hagia Sophia Mosque/Turkey Montessori toy set is the perfect wooden toy to help your baby/child develop motor skills, imagination and creativity! Stackable building blocks are easy to grasp and perfect for little hands. Handcrafted Noobuu toys come in different shapes and sizes, giving endless possibilities for balance games, building houses, bridges and more. The included cotton bag helps you carry your toys with you at all times and the Hagia Sophia Mosque/Turkey set can be used in your baby's/child's room as part of home decor or as a unique birthday present.

The Hagia Sophia Mosque is located in the Fatih district of Istanbul, Turkey. Embracing thousands of people every day, Hagia Sophia has the title of the oldest cathedral in the world. This information and more are waiting for you in the brochure that introduces the toy. 

Product features

- Suitable for Montessori method

- Your baby and child can easily use the toy

- Offers new ideas for children's games and activities

- Stylish and simple design for your playroom or library

- Ecological material (non-toxic)

- The car, ship, bus in the photo are not included in the package

- Puzzle box (25x20cm h3cm); Includes construction brochure (A4), cotton toy bag (20x30cm) and 30 building block pieces.

Hagia Sophia Mosque | Turkey

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